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IProperties, a Nine Yards Plus Holding subsidiary, we bring a fresh perspective to real estate. Located in Abu Dhabi, we are inspired by the region’s drive for progress and excellence. Our work combines traditional real estate values with new, innovative approaches. At IProperties, our varied portfolio reflects our commitment to high standards and thoughtful development. As we craft welcoming and functional spaces, we always aim to go beyond the expected and lead the way in real estate.


Our vision is to redefine local & global real estate sector by leading in property Investment, while crafting sustainable and interconnected living spaces that enrich both community and individual lifestyles.


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Our mission is to blend innovation and tradition for premium real estate experiences focusing on sustainability, design, and customer service, while aiming to positively impact our surroundings and drive progress in the sector.


Behind the success of IProperties lies a team of visionaries, each bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion. Our leadership team is the driving force that has steered our growth, shaped our values, and directed our future.


Your feedback and inquiries fuel our commitment to excellence. To connect with our team, explore the contact details listed below:


+971 2 222 2336

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Monday- Thursday: 8 AM - 5PM
Friday : 8 AM - 2:30 PM

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